Prof. Dr. Nazan Yalcin Erik

Sivas Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi Yıldızeli MYO

Kimya ve Kimyasal İşleme Teknolojileri Böl.


Interested in both petroleum and coal geological processes. Extensive experience in source rock, organic geochemistry, trace element, and in-situ analytical techniques. Also proficient in basin modelling and organic geochemistry, including regional petroleum systems and prospect evaluations; source rock characterisation, quality and maturity; HC expulsion and migration focus; basinal heat controls; oil-oil and oil-source correlations through biomarkers. Competence in sedimentary provenance analysis using a number of techniques. Considerable experience in project management.

Specialities: Geology; inorganic and organic geochemistry; Biomarkers, Source rocks, coal geochemistry, petroleum systems; basin modelling; coal petrography; stable isotopes.


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